Rayman Legends hits Switch in September with some new features


The stuff of legends right here

Even though it released in 2013, Rayman Legendscontinues to live on. It was ported to PS4 and Xbox One early-ish into its lifespan. Now, it’s coming to Nintendo Switch later this year. As it turns out, extremely good games can get away with this.

Ubisoft has just revealed that Rayman Legendswill release on Switch on September 12. It’s called a “Definitive Edition” even though the game never had any paid DLC. Instead, it’s a host of Switch-exclusive features that serve as the extras.

According to the “key features” section of the Rayman Legendslisting on Ubisoft’s site, the Switch version will have four-player wireless multiplayer. There’s also the ability to use the touchscreen when the Switch is undocked; swiping is useful for killing enemies, cutting ropes, etc. It’s also said that there’s now a tournament mode for Kung Foot.

The Switch adaption of Rayman Legendswill be priced at $40. However, there’s going to be a demo later this summer for anyone who’s still wary. A demo should be all you need to realize that this game is seriously excellent.

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