Razer's triple-screen laptop is bananas


This can’t be cheap

Project Valerie, a concept laptop Razer is showing off at CES 2017, almost seems like retrofuturism. It’s like a what-if scenario of how technology could have developed, only predicted way too soon.

This “mobile desktop” has three 17.3″ 4K screens in total, two of which can slide out with an automated system not unlike something you would’ve seen on MTV Cribs. Resolution-wise, that’s 11520 x 2160, with a GeForce GTX 1080 crammed in for good measure. This video demonstration features Titanfall 2 — a fairly good showcase for multi-screen gaming — but the real draw of Project Valerie, I think, is the sheer screen real estate for multi-tasking and, as boring as it sounds, work purposes.

Pricing and release details are big question marks right now, but if you’re genuinely curious (and have several thousand dollars, at a minimum, reserved for this sort of purchase), there’s an email signup.

Between this and Acer’s $9K laptop with a curved screen, it’s been a lap-crushing week at CES.

Project Valerie [Razer]