Ready at Dawn's arena combat game Deformers is out April 21


There’s an open beta on Steam now

It’s been months and months since Zack told us about the squishy arena combat game Deformers, and I’m still tickled by the fact that Ready at Dawn, the maker of The Order: 1886, is also behind this.

As a quick catch-up, Deformers is a game about blob creatures (“Forms”) who roll around, jump, shoot, throw, and ram each other in the name of not-so-friendly competition. It’s simple to describe, but looks to have a lot of depth layered in for folks who seek it out. One example: the blobs can parry, which, what? I’m also fond of rolling over the nourishing gibs of fallen foes, Katamari style.

Deformers is coming out soon — April 21, 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One — and players who get in during the first week will earn a free Founders Pack, shown here:

I fear this game is going to be a super tough sell at $30, even if it does look like silly fun.

Deformers is Rolling in April 21st, 2017! [Deformers]