Real Madrid sign FIFA 19's fictional football player Alex Hunter


Fans don’t see the funny side

Football team Real Madrid have been suffering somewhat since the loss of their manager Zinedine Zidane and their poster boy player, the extraordinary Cristiano Ronaldo. But things are looking up for the team, with the announcement of their newly-signed star; fictional football player Alex Hunter.

Hunter made a name for himself in the story mode of FIFA 18 and now, just one year into his young career, he has already been snapped up as Ronaldo’s replacement. A video, which you can check out below, shows some of Hunter’s best moments on the pitch, along with welcoming message from his new squadmates. Hunter has also being added to the team’s official page and his strip is purchasable from the Real Madrid online store.

Ok, so this is all fun and games from EA Sports, to help promote the upcoming release of FIFA 19, where the Alex Hunter story will continue. Real Madrid’s faithful fans aren’t seeing the funny side of it though. After protesting for a superstar signing for some time, the team’s fans took to social media to express their growing impatience, clearly thinking that now isn’t the time for the jokey PR move.

I guess we’ll find out if the signing pays off when Hunter takes to the pitch in Real Madrid’s next match. Or we won’t, because doesn’t actually inhabit this plane of existence. FIFA 19 launches on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo Switch September 25

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