Recall the beginnings of Street Fighter, Ultra Street Fighter IV, with Capcom's new documentary series


Oddly titled documentary looks at entire mainline franchise

Ok, I kid, I kid… But basically, Capcom have released the first chapter of a new three-part documentary looking at the Street Fighter franchise. The games, development process, pop-culture history and dedicated community (This is not to be confused with their Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection retrospective series).

Part one of the documentary, titled In The Beginning, looks at the roots of the fighting game franchise, featuring developers and producers from Capcom themselves – as well as loving fans and pro-players – recalling the development and treasured memories of titles such as 1987’s Street Fighter and 1991 smash hit, Street Fighter II. Regular faces include L.I. Joe, Infiltration, Yoshinori Ono, F-Champ and others.

Things get a little odd when “In The Beginning” then launches into the development and discussion of 2008’s Street Fighter IV, ultimately ending with a full breakdown of 2016’s Street Fighter V, complete with footage of the latter being played on the pro circuit. I’d have assumed these games and their design history would’ve been held back for later episodes. Meh, it’s not my series. Who knows what’s planned for parts two and three?

Regardless, if you want to reflect upon early characters such as Eagle, Juri and Laura Matsuda, then check out the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Documentary Part One below. Props to the troll fan who says their favourite character is Cammy because “she’s simple and honest.”

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.