ReCore, a game that shipped incomplete, is going to get a 'Definitive Edition'


It currently has no DLC

It’s a well-tread industry practice for publishers to eventually bundle a game with all of its add-ons in a “Definitive Edition” that supposedly represents the most complete way to experience it. Really, it’s a second chance at retail months after the original launch. But, it’s also a way for patient consumers to get everything at once with a considerable price break.

Somewhat bafflingly, ReCore— a game with no released DLC — is going to get a Definitive Edition. That news comes from a German ratings board leak. At the time of writing, the listing has been removed.

Microsoft has been teasing additional ReCorecontent for half a year now. We first reported on it shortly after its September launch when a Microsoft representative confirmed to us that the game’s fifth robot was missing but that we should “stay tuned for news.” Since then, developer Armature released a trailer to detail how the Tank robot functions.

The problem is that the Tank was very obviously stripped from the base game in a hasty and sloppy way. There’s an entire area that’s locked off because it requires the Tank’s ability to maneuver over quicksand. There’s space in the menus for a robot that would never show up. Enemies even drop parts to upgrade the Tank, so the player gathers a bunch of components that are ultimately useless.

The Tank DLC hasn’t even been officially announced. So, to anyone unaware of its existence, this Definitive Edition just seems like a collection of patches and updates that automatically download upon launching the game. It’s a strange situation, mostly because Microsoft hasn’t controlled the messaging.

Expect Microsoft to address it soon, though. There are too many lingering questions — the biggest one being “Will prior owners get this add-on for free?” The allure of Definitive Editions is that it feels like buying a surplus of content; with ReCore, it’ll feel like the game finally getting to how it should’ve shipped in the first place.

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