Red Ash Kickstarter seems desperate, lets you vote for Mayor


My vote goes to the anime-looking girl

I’m guessing everyone would agree at this point that Comcept should have waited for Mighty Number 9 to ship before it launched the Red Ash Kickstarter. The game is not doing even a fraction as well as comparable projects had done in the same time frame.

Diehard fans of the Mega Man Legends series are supporting the game to no end, but sadly, they’ve never been the largest group out there. It looks like your average Mega Man fan just isn’t confident enough in Comcept to throw money at them for another game before they’ve received the first one they backed.

Combine that with the fact that in order to get the full version of Red Ash, you have to back at the $79 level, and you have a real problem. How many people do you know who are willing to put down a $80 pre-order for a game they haven’t seen in action yet?

That said, I still think the developer will make its $800,000 funding goal, though it’ll likely have to seek additional publisher support to create something on the scale it’s dreaming of.

Comcept’s current strategy to get gain backer enthusiasm centers on a character design contest, not unlike the Aero contest that Capcom held for Mega Man Legends 3. The three women and 10-year-old girl (pictured above) are all candidates for Mayor in the town that plays a central role in Red Ash‘s story.

Voting is open to everyone, regardless if you backed the game or not, so make sure to get your vote in before the polls close on July 28.