Red Dead Online welcomes its massive Moonshiners update


Also, another Outlaw (season) pass

Red Dead Online continues its bid to keep people interested and eventually migrate over fromGrand Theft Auto Online with yet another expansion.

This time the focus is on Moonshiners: a new mercantile class that sports its own storyline. The idea is that once you reach Trader Rank 5 (or finish a trader sell mission) you’ll have the opportunity to take part of the festivities and chat with Maggie Fike, the queen of bootlegging. The questline is huge and involves buying up property, actually making the hooch, then transporting it.

In other Red Dead Onlinenews the “Outlaw Pass” is back, with the eloquently named “Outlaw Pass No. 2.” For those of you who haven’t been following along this is basically just a season pass that every online game utilizes now, with 100 ranks to climb for rewards after paying up for the pass. This one will end on March 10, 2020 and will unlock new outfits, gun wraps, extra cash and items. It’ll cost you 40 gold to partake in on the premium track, which is basically $20 given the $9.99-for-25 gold increments. If you haven’t purchased gold before you can get the “one-time offer” of 25 gold for $4.99, then spring for the $9.99 pack.

You can also find brief patch notes for Red Dead Onlinebelow.

Moonshiners [Rockstar]

Red Dead Online Moonshiner’s patch notes:

Today’s update to Red Dead Online also features new clothing including Bandoliers and Corsets (with more items due to arrive in the coming weeks), a powerful new sidearm in the Navy Revolver, and more in addition to gameplay improvements and enhancements as we continue to build on and refine the game world. Among many other improvement, today’s update adds:

  • The ability to quick-swap weapons in the heat of battle – simply assign a “Quick Select” firearm within the Weapon Wheel, then tap L1/LB/Tab during gameplay to quickly switch between this and your currently-equipped weapon (you can still holster your weapon with a double tap of L1/LB/Tab or by selecting Unarmed in the Weapon Wheel)
  • Ability Card rebalancing on certain cards, and limits on Tonic use to ensure a level playing field for all players
  • Accessibility improvements for fishing, allowing players to reel in a catch by holding a button rather than circling the analogue stick
  • Increased stability for Horses, making your steed slightly less likely to fall down after a collision and quicker to get back up after a fall or revival
  • In addition, we’ve added the ability to spawn directly at your Camp and made improvements to help mitigate the issue players have been experiencing with setting up their camps.