Red Dead Redemption 2 dataminer finds Switch Pro Controller icon in the game's files



Now that Red Dead Redemption 2is on PC, is that enough? Possibly not!

Rockstar dataminer Tez managed to locate a new wrinkle: a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller texture in Red Dead Redemption 2‘s texture file. It’s very, very faint and transparent, but it’s there. Now there’s a reasonable explanation for this. Steam often provides controller fundamentals for many devices, and a future patch could add native Switch Pro controller support. It’s the most likely reality.

The odds of a full-on Red Dead 2port on Switch are probably pretty low at this point. Rockstar hasn’t really worked with the system outside of small-time projects like the L.A. NoireSwitch version, but its parent company Take-Two has found greater success and could eventually put the squeeze on them. Who knows! With The Witcher IIIworking its magic on Switch it could be possible with some massive visual and performance downgrades.

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