Reddit reunites man with lost Nintendo Switch


People ain’t all bad

Last week, a Reddit user lost his Nintendo Switch while partaking in some International travel, but was reunited with his beloved thanks to some honesty, luck and that hive of humanity, Reddit.

Reddit user “Pizzaboxman” (or “Juan”), lost his Switch unit after it slipped from his bag on a bus between connecting flights at Frankfurt International Airport. After boarding his plane and realising the console was gone, Juan was pretty damn blue, as you would be. Upon arrival in Madrid, Juan posted about the missing console on Reddit, asking if anyone had found the Switch, noting that this method of regaining it had a “0.000001%” chance of working.

Amazingly, he was contacted in only a few hours time by user “itchybun” whose friend had indeed found the little lost console. After correctly answering numerous questions in order to ascertain that the unit was in fact his, it has been confirmed (via an interview with Kotaku) that Juan will be meeting up with itchybun’s pal to get his 55-hour Breath of the Wild save back… Oh, and the device it’s attached to.