Reddit user photographs total eclipse with Game Boy Camera


I hope they had sticker paper left for the printer

Yesterday’s total eclipse was quite the sight for U.S. citizens. Thousands of people gathered to watch the solar event, all wearing those special glasses to prevent their retinas from being obliterated. Well, almost all.

Whilst photographers the world-over rigged up expensive monster cameras to catch a awe-inspiring shot of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Reddit user “zhx” simply dug out their Game Boy Camera to record the occasion.

“The sun itself is a very small part of the picture,” writes zhx. “The dark circle is just a crazy halo effect. No filter either. I didn’t even get a pair of glasses to look at it; had to kinda wing it.”

Once the photo was taken, it was seemingly the biggest chore to get the photo off of the ’90s device to be uploaded to the internet, requiring the use of a Mega Memory and a Game Boy Pocket, before finally releasing the oddly foreboding image to the world.

“If I’m living my life right,” zhx continues. “I should still be shooting Game Boy Camera photos in 2024.”

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