Refurbished PlayStation 3 Super Slim spotted for $95


Why buy a Blu-ray player when there are cheap PS3s?

Still have a pile of PlayStation 3 discs to play through, but ye old PS3 is no longer in working condition? We’re all familiar with the $250~$300 you need for a PS4, but how cheap can you pick up a PS3 for these days? The answer is ninety-five bucks.

Generally speaking, you can still find 250GB PlayStation 3 Slim consoles in new condition on Amazon for $200 (though production finally ended in Japan back in May). Go used and pay $150 from the same online retail giant. GameStop has slightly lower prices on used and refurbished consoles for $139.99. Despite all this, thecheapest PS3 of them all is actually eBay.

eBay Powerseller refurbforless began selling the classic PS3 console for $94.99. It’s the best price online by $45 and has free shipping in the US and includes a 90-day seller warranty.

PS3 Super Slim Refurb Deal

Why go out and buy a $100 Blu-ray player, when an old PS3 gets you the same functionality and a million more hours of potential entertainment? That was our reasoning anyway when we saw this deal on our feed.

Note that as these are seller refurbished units, you may encounter some scratches on the unit. Included in the package is one controller, power cable, A/V cable, and of course the 250GB PS3 Super Slim (modelCECH-4001B for those wondering).