Relax as birds flock together and the summer sun sets


A short, simple, beautiful little game

Sometimes video games are complex creations with layers of mechanical and narrative depth, and that’s great. Having agency over dramatic events is a sure fire way to get blood pumping through your veins and a sense of control over the world. Still, sometimes I need a video game in my day that is small, simple and beautiful enough to help me relax. Today, that game was The Sun.

The idea behind The Sun is very simple. The sun is setting, birds are flocking together, use your mouse to make the growing flock of birds swoop, dive and soar. As the sun sets and your flock grows, you just continue to float back and forth, carefree in the short lived summer sky.

The Sun is around two minutes long, incredibly simple and honestly just beautiful. Take two minutes out of your day and play it, you might just feel a little better about the world afterwards like I did.