Epic mech battler Relayer launches March 24 worldwide


‘New Age Space Opera’ preparing to raise the curtain

Kadokawa Games has announced that its cool-looking strategy battler Relayer will be unleashing its brand of intergalactic mayhem sooner than one might have expected. The “New Age Space Opera” will receive a worldwide launch on PlayStation platforms March 24, 2022. The studio released a brand new trailer to celebrate the announcement.

As previously reported, Relayer is a dramatic anime epic set against the backdrop of a world that has advanced in science, but not in morals. Taking place in Stardate 2049, mankind has come into contact with a strange alien presence known as “Relayer,” brought about by the appearance of a mysterious and supernatural star child, “Terra.” While all this would seem to be a fascinating progression of mankind as a species, humans have done fucked it all up again, with world governments, military factions, and powerful global corporations violently vying for a piece of the evolutionary pie.

Honestly, this is exactly what would happen should such events take place in our own world.

And thus, what could be a brand new voyage into new frontiers of science, space, and life itself has instead become a capitalist war. As part of a team of superhuman star children, the player will step into mighty mecha machines known as “Stellar Gear,” fighting the good fight for the very future of Earth. A turn-based strategy title, Relayer will utilize a wide variety of classes, attacks, and strategic maneuvers as players engage in bombastic warfare — peppered with dazzling effects and featuring over 100 in-action cutscenes — while a cataclysmic tale of political and spiritual conflict unfolds.

Although a totally unproven entity, I think from these early impressions Relayer is looking pretty rad. The characters are cool, the mechs are slick, and the turn-based, strategic gameplay sounds very inviting. The gameplay video above doesn’t set me alight, to be honest, but I’m pretty optimistic about Relayer for now, and mech-heads should definitely keep one eye on this curious title ahead of its spring release.

Relayer launches on PlayStation platforms March 24. The PS4 edition can be upgraded to PS5 free-of-charge. A Digital Premium Edition includes a season pass, a selection of bonus content, and unlocks Early Access to the title from March 21.