Re:Legend is a co-op monster raising RPG that looks cute as heck


All aboard the adorable train

Re:Legend is an RPG about raising monsters, farming, and generally chilling on a tropical island. Its developer, Magnus Games, just launched a Kickstarter, and while I don’t usually report on crowdfunding campaigns until after the goal gets met, this game is too stinking cute to ignore.

According to Re:Legend‘s Kickstarter page, the game draws inspiration from Monster Rancher, Digimon World, and Fantasy Life, among others. Players wash up on an island without any memories and before long, they’re taming and raising adorable creatures (called Magnus), tending crops, and battling enemies. From what I can tell, it’s Monster Rancher meets Rune Factory, and I am more than down with that.

What interests me most is the Kickstarter’s mention of cooperative multiplayer. Re:Legend will support up to four players, all of whom can work together by divvying up the different chores required to keep their island community running smoothly.

Re:Legend‘s Kickstarter page has plenty of other information about the game, including character customization details, villagers, and its impressive musical pedigree (composers from Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear are contributing to the soundtrack).

I’m an absolute sucker for both slice of life sims and games about raising monsters, so it’s safe to say that Re:Legend is officially on my radar.