Relive the blocky, pixelated glory of the original Tomb Raider in your browser


Triangle tits

The original Tomb Raider may not have aged all too well, but it definitely remains an important title in the fifth console generation. Not only was it one of the first mainstream titles to feature a female lead, it also introduced gamers to the concept of massive scale puzzle solving that was never seen before. It did Indiana Jones better than any of the previous licensed Jones titles.

While there are plenty of ways to relive the misery glory of the classic game, you can now do so without actually downloading the title. A modder by the name of XProger has spent the past few months working on an open source port of Tomb Raider that can now be played from within your browser of choice (although probably not Edge since Edge really sucks).

This version is called OpenLara (hehe) and it features third and first-person viewpoints for you to tinker around with. While it currently only features the second level of the game, if you happen to own the original on PC you can load in the map files and try those. This port also has native support for modern gamepads and introduces actual camera control, although it doesn’t remove the tank controls. At least you can have a more comfortable time while cursing at Lara for running straight into a damn wall, which is honestly all I’ve ever needed.

You can play this version over on XProger’s website. Its fun for a nostalgic trip, if nothing else.

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