Relive the history of the PlayStation 4 with Did You know Gaming


I still don’t like the light bar

Did You Know Gaming takes a crack at the PlayStation 4, mostly filled with info you probably already knew, but is worth the refresher all the same.

As someone who picked up a PS4 at launch it was interesting to feel all of these memories rushing back. Like the fact that many launch models had issues, including mine, which outright broke due to the blinking blue light of death. And my launch DualShocks, which both had the rubber worn off of the analog sticks within a year. Or that Sony is pretty much stalwart in its commitment to not have backward compatibility.

It was astonishing to see Sony overtake Microsoft this generation so swiftly given the momentum from their original E3 anti-DRM campaign, but the PS4 has had its fair share of hiccups as well.