Relive your PVP glory days, as Arathi Basin just arrived in WoW Classic



I’ve probably spent as much time in Arathi Basin, digitally, as I have in some real-life locales. I’ll probably add to that running count a bit now that the battleground just hit WoW: Classic.

Just in case you haven’t played WoW, Arathi Basin is one of the most iconic PVP maps in World of Warcraft, and it’s joining the ranks of Warsong Gulch andAlterac Valley, which are already live in Classic. The gist is that two teams of 15 players battle it out for ownership of a quaint mountain town to the tune of Domination/Capture the Point. Points accrue resources for each team, and once a team hits 2000 resources, they win.

It made for a lot of crucial and more intimate moments, like deciding to go rogue and capture a point on your own, taking down two real-life opponents in the process and winning the game. You could move as a team, split up strategically, or shine as an individual: Arathi Basin’s options made it a popular map to repeatedly play, and didn’t take as long as the gigantic war-likeAlterac Valley.

As a reminder, playing “AB” in Classicrewards you with Defilers (Horde) or League of Arathor (Alliance) reputation, which you can grind to exalted for rewards. I’m not sure I’ll be doing that, but a few rounds here and there sound prettycathartic.

WoW Classic: Arathi Basin Now Available []