Remedy's next game is coming to a 'wider range of platforms' including PS4


The first of what we know about P7

For nearly 15 years, Remedy’s most well-known titles have been confined to PC and Xbox platforms. It sounds strange but it’s true. In that time, Remedy has released Alan Wake, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, and Quantum Break. You have to go back to 2003’s Max Payne 2in order to find some semblance of console parity.

Remedy’s next big game will buck that trend. In the studio’s recent financial report for fiscal year 2016, Remedy tells investors that it wants this next title, which is codenamed P7, to release on “a wider range of platforms.” That includes PlayStation 4, as Remedy is adapting Northlight (the Quantum Breakengine) for development on Sony’s console.

Of course, P7is most likely a long ways off given the rate at which Remedy releases games. In the more immediate future, the studio is working on the singleplayer campaign aspect of CrossFire 2; the original CrossFireis immensely popular in Asia, and developer Smilegate claims that it’s the most-played online first-person shooter in the world.

Remedy also told investors that Quantum Breakfueled its “outstanding performance” during the fiscal year. This corroborates Microsoft’s claim that the game was Xbox One’s best-selling new property. All told, Remedy posted an operating profit of approximately $4.14 million.

But, P7will probably come with less of a security blanket than Quantum Breakdid. A multi-platform release likely means that there won’t be any lucrative publishing deals in place because no one is securing exclusivity. The audience will be bigger though. We’ll see if the PlayStation crowd helps make up that monetary difference. Or, as Remedy’s surely hoping, helps exceed it.

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