Remedy's working on two games right now, neither is Alan Wake


The studio has a new partner lined up

There are a couple candidates for games that might be Remedy’s follow-up to Quantum Break. That’s because Remedy is actually working on a couple of games right now. It’s a strategic shift for a studio that typically spends many years focusing on a single title. Unfortunately for fans, neither of those projects is Alan Wake-related.

In a “State of the Studio” address on its website, Remedy outlines exactly what it’s up to. Beyond supporting Quantum Breakfor the foreseeable future, it has also split the studio into two development teams. Remedy says that one of the teams has been working on a triple-A game with a new partner for a while. That likely means that Microsoft isn’t the publisher, opening up the possibilities of a multi-platform title. The second game is still an early concept.

Remedy declined to mention what either of these games are, stating that it’d show them when they’re “ready enough.” The developer also dismissed the idea that it’d have a presence at E3 or gamescom this year; instead, it seems to be buckling down and making some games. We’ll get to see them when the time’s right.

Finally, Remedy says “We feel that it’s important to set the expectations right and let you, the fans, know that neither of the two projects currently in development is anAlan Wakegame. We’re working on something else, but at the same time we’re exploring opportunities in other mediums to tell moreAlan Wakestories.” Not a lake, but an ocean of disappointment.

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