Remember that time Yoshi P called the prospect of 'classic' FFXIV servers a 'nightmare?'


What a perfect response

This one has been making the rounds again on social media and I just had to share it. Somehow, I had never seen this before today!

Easy Allies managed to bring this amazing moment back into the collective consciousness of the Final Fantasy XIV community on Twitter, which mostly focuses on one moment: a fan inquiry for “classic” Final Fantasy XIV servers.

So there’s one main thing to keep in mind here: Final Fantasy XIV 1.0 was a disaster. I was there! It was so amazingly underwhelming that I remember previewing it at E3 over a decade ago and thinking “wow, they’re going to ship this.”

Since then, thanks to the tireless efforts of Naoki “Yoshi P” Yoshida and his crew, Square Enix managed to turn the ship around. 2.0, also known as “A Realm Reborn” was a success, to the point where it’s commonplace for the gaming community to refer to a successful full rework as “The Realm Reborn Treatment.”

So when Yoshi P was asked (most likely in jest) about “classic” 1.0 servers at E3 2019 (remember E3?), he understandably lost it. His main takeaway is one phrase: “nightmare.” I think he perfectly summed it up!

Yoshi P got asked if FFXIV would get 1.0 servers just like Blizzard did with WoW classic.

I’m losing it.

— KZ ðŸ—ï¸ (@KZXcellent) June 15, 2019