Reminder: Genshin Impact has a daily check-in for free stuff


You can also do it from the app

Now that update 2.5 is in the wild, I figured it was a good time to remind people of the Genshin Impact daily check-in system.

In short, it’s an out-of-game way to get people on the HoYoLAB community social site/app, but you can use it to get some spare Primogems for some upcoming characters.

To actually trigger the Genshin Impact daily check-in process:

You can do it directly from the HoYoLAB website. Head to the tools section of the sidebar, then select “check-in.”

Once you’re there, you just need to click the day (it’s highlighted in orange) and you’re good. The next day (or whenever you check in next), you can select the next sequential reward, and so on.

The easiest way to do it is through the app [Google Play | iOS]. It logs you out less, and you just need to do a few taps. The process is the same: click the smiling green character on the bottom, then select check-in.

For the most part, you’re really just looking at picking up the 60 monthly Primogem bonus, which is easily the best reward of the lot. The rest includes a few errant food items you can buy in-game, adventure XP books, a few materials, and Mora (in-game currency that’s extremely plentiful).