Resident Evil 2 shows the new and improved Licker


Capcom nailed the teeth

As much as I’ve tried to leave some surprises left unseen for the Resident Evil 2 remake, I couldn’t possibly resist checking out Capcom’s updated look for the Licker. That name is still beyond silly, and the design is still top notch. The creature seems as creepy and in-pain as it first did two decades ago.

Here’s the iconic scene from back in 1998.

And below you’ll find a gallery of new screenshots with Lickers looking as gross as ever.

Along with these images, Capcom also put out extended gameplay footage featuring Claire Redfield. I’ll leave you to it! I took a peek this morning and saw more of Resident Evil 2 than I care to.

The fast-crawling molded in Resident Evil 7 were probably the most nerve-wracking enemy in the game for me, so I’m very stoked to see how I’ll hold up against these modernized Lickers next year.