Resident Evil 3 leaked screens reveal the twisted horrors of Raccoon City


Eww… gross.

A gallery of screenshots from Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil 3 has leaked onto ResetEra. It is believed that the glut of images taken from the anticipated remake were expected to feature in a preview planned for later this week.

The images – watermarked by French website GamerGen – feature a slew of characters, locations and monsters that Jill and friends will encounter in this revamped take on the 1999 PlayStation classic. The new pics give us a good look at some truly nauseating boss types, including a sinewy Drain Deimos, and, of course, Ms. Valentine’s ultimate nemesis… erm… Nemesis.

Aside from the main story campaign, the screens also feature Resident Evil 3‘s multiplayer component, Resistance, and show a young man and woman picking their way through locations such as a diner, a doughnut shop, and a casino. The gallery is rounded out with various concept art images of Jill, Carlos, Nemesis and other in-game assets.

You can check out the full gallery over at ResetEra or here at Imgur. Obviously expect minor spoilers/reveals.

Resident Evil 3 launches on PS4, PC and Xbox One April 3.