Resident Evil 3 remake demo launches March 19


Good to see you again, Nemesis

Capcom has announced that the previously teased demo for its incoming Resident Evil 3 remake will launch Thursday, March 19 on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

The demo will give all fans the opportunity to check out the re-imagined Raccoon City, currently laid to waste by the outbreak of the T-Virus. As Resident Evil alumni Jill Valentine, players will pick their way through the debris, while ducking, diving and destroying hordes of grim creatures, all out for Ms. Valentine’s blood.

The demo will also feature an exclusive “Scavenger Hunt” challenge, tasking players to find and destroy 20 hidden “Mr. Charlie” statues, dotted in and around the environment. Just try not to get your face eaten whilst you’re at it, yeah? Capcom also noted that Resident Evil 3’s multiplayer element, Resistance, will be getting a beta on all platforms March 27.

Resident Evil 3 launches April 3 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.