Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition is now available


I’m ‘Not a Hero’

The “complete edition” re-release of Resident Evil 7 is now available for purchase on PS4, Xbox One and PC for $49.99. Along with all previously released DLC, the Gold Edition will include the brand new “End of Zoe” chapter (which is available to season pass owners or as a separate purchase).

The belabored “Not a HeroDLC is now available for free, as well, if you want to jump into the shoes of a returning series veteran. I’ve done my best to not directly spoil what that is about, but Capcom doesn’t seem bothered by that. If you’re looking to dive into any of the new content with no prior knowledge, you might as well skip the trailer below, too.

While I appreciate Capcom bundling everything together to give late adopters an all access edition, I find it odd that the game is barely 11 months old before this package came out. Is the GOTY cycle becoming so common that we don’t even need to wait a full year anymore? At least the eternally delayed epilogue is available for free, so you won’t miss out on “essential” content.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition is out now with free Not a Hero content [Capcom Unity]