Resident Evil 7 Switch 'makes no promises' preserving your save file


Pictured: The cloud server’s troll face

Is the future of gaming not actually owning anything but licenses, with no guarantees regarding your progress? Possibly. It’s not the full reality right now but some companies are pushing for it, and there’s something you should probably know about the cloud version of Resident Evil 7on Switch.

Okay so you’re basically renting the game, we knew that when it was announced. But did you know your save data might not be safe even if you paid to rent it? According to a clarificaiton post by Capcom, there are “no promises” that your save will be preserved, and since you can’t save it locally, you’d be out of luck if it decided to nuke itself.

It’s a stark contrast to say, an MMO, particularly World of Warcraft, where Blizzard guarantees user data for years. It’s an experiment, that’s for sure, and I wonder if it’ll do well enough in Japan to warrant a worldwide test. If it gets to that point hopefully all the save kinks will be worked out by then.

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