Resident Evil 7's first DLC hits PS4


That stings a bit

Resident Evil 7 is a verified hit and Capcom is intent on keeping the good times rolling. While we already knew about the season pass for the game and additional free chapter, the release date was never mentioned. You won’t be playing that free chapter yet, but Banned Footage Vol 1. is now available on PS4. The Xbox One and PC versions will be launching with Vol 2. on February 21, while the PS4 will get that second pack on the 14th.

Included in this first pack is an extra mode with exclusive content, a small chapter featuring the camera man from the intro (Clancy), and a horde mode. Oh, joy; I really was clamoring for a horde mode in Resident Evil.

Vol 2. seems to be similarly scarce with pretty much the same stuff as the first pack. It will include an extra chapter focused on Lucas Baker, the backstory to the Baker family and a time trial-esque race against the clock. I guess Capcom had to force action in there somewhere, thankfully deciding to focus on horror in the campaign.

Nothing has been mentioned of the third pack that comes with the season pass, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the free Not a Hero chapter takes its place.

Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol.1 available today on PS4 [VideoGamer]