Resident Evil is hot! RE7 tops three million worldwide sales, movies eclipse a billion


Good news, bad news

The only thing clicking more than my left mouse button right now is Resident Evil. While I need to fix this little rodent, Capcom needs not change any formula as Resident Evil 7has now sold more than three million copies worldwide whereas the recent film Resident Evil: The Final Chapterhas pushed the “total global box-office” past a billion dollars.

I have yet to personally play the game, I’m holding out until I can get a PlayStation VR, but I hear nothing but great things about it and its new direction. I love it when risks in changing the formula are rewarded with success, not that every series needs to change direction with every release. On the other handI didhave the displeasure of seeing The Final Chapterin 4D. Why do so many people still watch those?

Resident Evil 7 total shipments top three million [Gematsu]