Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu is more than just a fan-art flavor of the month


Put her in a fighting game!

[Art by Marmalade Mum]

I don’t think Capcom knew what they had on their hands with Lady Dimitrescu, Resident Evil Village‘s long monster lady. In her debut appearance a few weeks ago, she didn’t try to look conventionally sexy, or even particularly scary. But she didn’t need to. She’s exactly what a big chunk of gaming wants right now, so she became a star overnight.

We don’t yet know if she’s a vampire, a creature based onHachishakusam (a tall Japanese ghost monster that wears a big hat and stalks children), a bioweapon, or some combination of the three, and we don’t need to know. In fact, that mystery allows us to fill in a lot of the blanks with fan art, making her all the more compelling to artists everywhere.

In a lot of ways, she’s almost the antitheses of the kind of brooding, macho dudes who starred in nearly every AAA game of the past 20 years (I’m looking at you, Chris Redfield), and she’s also better than them. In fact, she can pick them up like babies then eat them without even working up a sweat.

That’s true of a lot of women from the Resident Evil series, though, Alexia Ashford and Alex Wesker to name just two. What makes Lady Dimitresu different is that she’s motherly and sassy, ready to dom all comers, but in an unabashedly classy way, sporting an old-world charm that’ll make you nostalgic for a time before you were even born. Basically, she’s Nadja from What We Do In The Shadows,except extremely tall and busty.

Like Bowsette before her, the good lady has become a lightning rod for the imagination of artists everywhere. We’ve collected some of our favorite tributes to Dimitrescu (Dimitrescbutes?) for you here. Funny, scary, strongly suggestive, and everything in between, these fan arts from the likes of Mariel Cartwright, Alex Ahad, and a host of others are sure to raise a few eyebrows. That one pic of her in the style of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 gave me a particularly strong case of the vapors.

Goodness, you look must be absolutely parched, dear. Why not have something to drink?

Couldn’t resist drawing RE8-Feet Tall Lady Dumitrescu haha, so joining in on all that.#ResidentEvilVillage #RE8 #vampirelady

— o_8 Alex Ahad (@o___8) January 25, 2021


— Kayla Erin (@itsKaylaErin) January 27, 2021

“So we finally meet”#ResidentEvil #ResidentEvil8Village #LadyDimitrescu #capcom #marvelvscapcom #sprite #pixelart #digitalart

— Gate (@countgate) January 27, 2021

I have never played a Resident Evil

— Kelly! (@kellysketches) January 22, 2021

tall vampire lady warmup to soothe my nerves

— COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED/all black lives matter (@redandblacktac) January 22, 2021

that tall vampire lady from resident evil that everyone loves

— ðŸ“✖ï¸ðŸŠ (@naranotta) January 25, 2021

Big thicc vampire lady you say, #ResidentEvilVillage #RE8 #LadyDimitrescu

— Bernice (@redteapanda) January 24, 2021

it’s been a week of tall lady#ResidentEvilVillage

— Rayluaza 💙 (@rayluaza) January 21, 2021

tall vampire lady

— Shironi (@aoishironi) January 26, 2021

Tall Vampire Lady ðŸ¤#ResidentEvil8

— Painthing🇿🇦 (@randallmakart) January 18, 2021

Vampire lady, she very very tall#ResidentEvilVillage

— Shrubby Jupiter (@shrubbyjupiter) January 24, 2021

Resident evil VillageTall mommy making sandwiches for everyone…..#ResidentEvilVillage #REShowcase #ResidentEvil8 #REVillage #draw #drawthisinyourstyle #animegirl #artontwitter

— Kamiiᴮᴱ ✨Commissions Closed✨ (@Kamii_momoru) January 22, 2021

(In chills voice) #13. Resident Evil Village has Edward scissor hands big sister as the main villain.

— ‘Deadman’ Wolftang (@Wolftangart) January 23, 2021

~Ara ara..Fan art of Vampire Lady from (Resident Evil Village) with Nemsis and Mr. X.#fanart #ResidentEvilVillage #ResidentEvil #RE8 #REVillage #ResidentEvil8Village #vampirelady

— ð’¥ð‘’ð“Žð“‡ð’¶ð’·ð“ð“Šð‘’✨ð’„ð’ð’Žð’Žð’Šð’”ð’”ð’Šð’ð’ð’” ð’ð’‘ð’†ð’ (@jeyrablue) January 24, 2021

that’s wine, i swear

— Rayluaza 💙 (@rayluaza) January 24, 2021

Lady Dimitrescu (Tall Vampire Lady) – Resident Evil Village

— J Paul ðŸŽ¨ðŸ–Œï¸ (@castcuraga) January 25, 2021

ever since i saw big lady D – this redraw is all i could think of…back of mr X! you are not the hottest monster in resident evil anymore! 😂🥴#ResidentEvilVillage #LadyDimitrescu

— Maria-Ruta (@Maria_Ruta_U_U) January 25, 2021

I think I’ve figured out #LadyDimitrescu‘s dealArtist: Greliz

— To Smile! (@Rememb3rToSmile) January 25, 2021

“ð‘¾ð’†ð’ð’, ð’˜ð’†ð’ð’, ð‘¬ð’•ð’‰ð’‚ð’ ð‘¾ð’Šð’ð’•ð’†ð’“ð’”, ð’•ð’‰ð’†ð’“ð’† ð’šð’ð’– ð’‚ð’“𒆔#pixelart #ResidentEvil8 #LadyDimitrescu #1bit #art #artist #digitalart #ドット絵

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sorry me too

— Kinuko (@kinucakes) January 26, 2021

My contribution to the ongoing tall vampire lady discussion#ResidentEvil #RE8 #art

— Apex Arts (@ApexArtsIG) January 20, 2021

All this chatter about the Tall Lady from Resident Evil 8 and nobody’s asking the important questions. Namely, can she dunk?#ResidentEvilVillage #ResidentEvil8 #talllady #vampirelady

— Seth Banner (@SethKlokk) January 19, 2021

최ê³ì˜ ì»¤ë‹¤ëž—ê³ ë©‹ì§„ 빈티지 ëˆì´ë””

— ì안✧赤眼🌈💜 (@RedEye_rei) January 24, 2021

POV: you are getting Ice Cream

— Marmalade Mum (@marmamum) January 24, 2021

And my own contribution, but it’s just an observation.

It just hit me

— Woney For Nothing (@NonTrotski) January 22, 2021