Respawn opens a second studio that's dedicated entirely to Apex Legends


Apex is moving to Vancouver

Respawn is expanding and going international all in one fell swoop. Thanks to the continued popularity of free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends, Respawn is opening a second studio in Canada.

Respawn’s new office was announced in a lengthy interview with, where COO Dusty Welch explains that the sudden success of Apex Legendsraised the need for that team to have its own space. They’ll be moving to Vancouver, setting up shop among the already-established EA Vancouver campus. Respawn Vancouver has plans to eventually grow to about 80 people. Henry Lee (head of operations), Steven Ferreira (team director), and Chad Grenier (game director) will be the studio leads.

As for the original California studio, it’s unclear what projects those teams will be working on. Last week, rumors of a new Titanfallwere put to restso that’s probably a no-go for the time being. However, EA recently said that more Star Wars Jedigames are planned after the success of Fallen Order. A lot of Respawn’s new games are shrouded in mystery right now, but Apex Legendshas moved to the Great White Northfor good.

Respawn marks its ten-year anniversary with a new Vancouver studio []