Retribution event revealed during Overwatch League halftime


She wore a Blackwatchy beret, the kind you find at a secondhand store

As promised, Overwatchrevealed a new trailer tonight for the game’s next event, set to start next Tuesday. The OverwatchLeague started its third season this evening, and at halftime Jeff Kaplan emerged in a Blackwatch-themed sweatshirt to introduce the trailer, which takes the form of a debriefing explaining what happened during the mission players will experience during the event. Retribution follows the events described in a new digital comic which was released earlier today.

From what we can tell, the mission takes place on an entirely new map called Rialto, created specifically for the event and modeled after Venice, Italy. The four playable characters will be Reaper, McCree, Moira, and Genji, each in their Blackwatch skin. Reaper appears as Gabriel Reyes, a skin which came with the Origin and G.O.T.Y. versions ofOverwatch.While McCree and Genji got Blackwatch raiment during last year’s Uprising event, the skin shown in the trailer promises a new variant for Moira.

The enemies this crew will be fighting are new models as well, and it sounds like the opposing force are all working for Talon, an organization that’s been referenced frequently inOverwatchlore but never seen in-game before now. Several different enemy types were shown including an assassin with twin blades, a sniper, and some sort of heavy trooper wielding a pair of miniguns. The hero team’s playable characters don’t include a tank this time, so it’ll be interesting to see how this group interacts with the enemies. There’s no question the player controlling Moira is sure to have their hands full.

Last year’s Uprising event was quite popular withOverwatchplayers, hinting at what a dedicated PVE mode might look like in the game. The announcement of Overwatch:Archives sounds to me like the development team wants to look into expanding the lore through events like this. Both Uprising and Retribution will be available in Overwatch from April 10 to April 30.