Retro-Bit Publishing announces reprints of Holy Diver, Super R-Type and R-Type III



Two legendary SNES shmups, R-Type III and Super R-Type, are getting a limited edition reproduction cart courtesy of Retro-Bit Publishing. Putting both games on a single cart, the $59.99 package comes with an embossed box, a full-color instruction manual, an R-Type notepad, exclusive stickers, a certificate of authenticity and art prints by Paul “OtaKing” Johnson. This reprint will be limited to 2,900 units in North America and 2,800 in Europe.

That isn’t all! Ronnie James Dio inspired action game Holy Diver for the NES is also getting a reproduction collector’s package from Retro-Bit. Similar to the R-Type bundle, it will include the embossed box, instruction manual, notepad, stickers and a certificate of authenticity. This, too, will launch for $59.99 and be limited to 2,900 for North America and 2,800 for Europe.

Ron Pang, VP of Sales and Marketing for Innex Inc. (distributor for Retro-Bit), says, “We’re excited to bring one of the greatest 8-bit cult classics to the United States and Europe for the first time ever in cartridge form. Holy Diver gives us an opportunity to raise the bar for retro releases by offering fans of old school games an incredible collection of exclusive and high-quality content, all at an affordable price. Holy Diver and R-Type III & Super R-Type Collector’s Edition are just the first of many possible exclusive releases for Retro-Bit Publishing.”

Both reprints are expected to launch later this month. Pre-orders are currently available from Retro-Bit’s official website. You can find Holy Diver here and R-Type here.