Retro City Rampage DX gets a boxed edition for PS Vita


Time to rise from your grave, Player

When Retro City Rampage was earlier in development, its creator Brian Provinciano printed up some promotional materials that looked like Sega Master System and Nintendo Entertainment System boxes. That wasn’t just a cute marketing ploy. It was a reflection of Brian’s unending love for videogames sold in boxes.While Retro City Rampage has been out in the wild for years, and many people I know already own it on multiple consoles, that’s not stopping Brian from continuing his pursuit of boxing it up and shipping it out. A new boxed version of the game was just released on the PS Vita, joining the super-limited edition boxed edition that was sold for the PS4 last year.

Normally I’d guess that a developer releasing a previously digital-only version of their game in a retail-ready box was looking to grab the attention of brick and motor shoppers, browsing the game isles at chains like Target or GameStop. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. As of right now, the boxed version of Retro City Rampage DX for PS Vita is only available online. That probably wont hurt it too much though. The same was true of the PS4 boxed release of the game, and that sold out in a matter of days. I’m guess this new PS Vita card-and-case will find similar sell-out success, so if you’re interested in grabbing this little piece of gaming history, you better get while the getting is good.

Brian has a nice write up on the passion and the process behind this projectover on the Playstation Blog.