Retro-styled mobile game Venture Kid headed to Nintendo Switch


8-bit inspired platform action

Publishers FDG Entertainment have announced that they’re bringing their NES-style platformer Venture Kid to the Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive. The game launched on mobile devices back in 2016, when it was also scheduled for a Steam release.

In the game, players guide Andy (just “Andy”? Really?) through nine hazard-filled levels, dodging deathtraps and taking down bosses, in a quest to foil the dastardly schemes of Dr. Teklov, who is constructing a super-weapon within his interstellar fortress.

The game also features power-ups for our boy Andy to collect, as well as an array of secrets waiting to be discovered. Its delightful chiptune soundtrack is scored by Matt Creamer of Retro City Rampage fame. Venture Kid is currently in development for PC and Switch.

Venture Kid coming to Nintendo Switch [Twitter]