Retroid tackles collecting tonight


Episode 2 is recording this evening

Many thanks to everyone who’s listened to Retroid’sfirst episode. The reception seems to be mostly positive, and I’m glad that people are enjoying it. We want to keep things rolling along, and we’re recording our second episode tonight.

In addition to Alex and Topher, I’ll be joined this evening by longtime community membersFunktasticandChillyBilly. Our topic will be collecting games. Some things I’d like to touch on include why we collect games, what each of us collects, how we make acquisitions, what’s the best/most rare piece in your collection, things like that. We’ll also be answering your questions, so please feel free to leave some in the comments below.

There’s also been a surprising amount of retro news over the last week, so I’d also like to go over some of that, things like theSony marketing head saying PS1 games are ugly, thesecond Mega Man Legacy Collection announcement, andmore details for Nintendo Switch Online.

If you missed our first episode, you can always check it outright here. You can follow the show@RetroidPodcaston Twitter, and I’m working on some other ways to get the show out there like submitting to iTunes and setting upan RSS feed. It takes a little while to get those established, so please be patient. In the meantime, comments and tweets are the best way to reach us.