Returnal 1.3.7 update touches down today, blasting multiple bugs


But no mid-mission saving, if that’s what you’re waiting on

Housemarque’s great roguelike Returnal is getting a brand new update today. Version 1.3.7, which should be available on PS5 as your read this, brings with it a handful of welcome bug fixes and stability improvements, making Selene’s journey into the unknown just a tad smoother.

Among the issues addressed in the new update are several black screen crashes, a bug that was causing our girl to get stuck in the scenery on rare occasions, an audio issue that would cause sudden amplification in sound, and a very specific issue regarding the Ophion boss fight. In addition, Deceased Scouts should now appear in the game world with more frequency. You can find the full patch notes over on the Housemarque blog.

It bears reminding that, should your PS5 be set to “auto-update”, any live games of Returnal will automatically shut down once the update drops, so bear this in mind lest you suddenly lose a multi-hour run. The lack of mid-run save options is a complaint that has been levied at Returnal by some of its players. Housemarque is currently investigating ways that it can address this complaint, while retaining the sci-fi title’s thirst for challenge.