Review: SteelSeries QcK Prism


Totally lit, totally extra

I’m becoming a real RGB slut. I have RGB lighting in my keyboard, mouse, behind my TV, and even, I shit you not, in my toilets. I don’t know what it is, but being able to see a rainbow or any color I want at any given moment just makes me happier.

So here I am, reviewing a mouse pad with RGB lighting, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Product: QcK PrismManufacturer: SteelSeriesInput: USBMSRP: $59.99

Not everyone is going to drop $60 on a mouse pad, but for those willing to you’ll find one of the best ones I’ve used yet in SteelSeries QcK Prism. Not only does it feature fully customizable RGB lighting surrounding all 360 degrees of the pad, but also a dual-sided mouse pad with one side hard polymer and the other cloth (which is what I preferred).

The RGB base that the mouse pad sits on is made of sturdy rubber that has had no problem staying put in my many hours of gaming on it. The cable runs into this rubber base and can be positioned on whatever side of the mouse pad makes it more convenientfor you, which I appreciated since my ‘battle station’ is already a rat’s nest of cables. However, one drawback of the base is that it is a bit thick meaning if you’re one of those wide ‘swipers’ while playing FPS games, you have the potential of going off the edge and ruining your shot. This hasn’t ever happened to me. I find the mouse pad section to be just the right size myself, plus I play with a high DPI meaning less mouse movement is needed.

The RGB lights are bright, but not bright enough to be distracting. They can be configured with SteelSeries’ Engine software to be various colors and with a few different effects such as color shift, breathing, and steady. The lights are made of up 10 different zones which can be configured independently of each other. There is even the ability to have the lights react to the game you’re playing, pending it is Counter-Strike: GO, Minecraft, or Dota 2. If you have other RGB-supporting SteelSeries products, you can even sync up your color schemes across devices, which is nice for those that do.

There isn’t a ton to say about the SteelSeries QcK Prism other than it is totally a luxury vanity item with a pretty good mouse pad built in. As a self-proclaimed RGB slut, I love it. It certainly is more feature rich than Razer’s Firefly Chroma RGB mouse pad that costs the same price, so if you’re trying to decide between the two it is a no-brainer.