Rhythm Heaven co-creator says the series should be on the Switch


More like ‘be at’ the Switch, right? Get it? Be at = beat?

Three years ago, I reported the opinions of a few anonymous folks who had reason to believe that, under Nintendo’s leadership at the time, the Rhythm Heaven series was effectively dead. I really wanted them to be wrong. I also hoped that by posting their thoughts, fans would make a concerted effort to show Nintendo that they also wanted to see the franchise come back to life.

So far, it’s still looking pretty dead. The most recent game in the Rhythm Heaven series, a compilation title for the 3DS, was first announced in 2015. It was one of the last games that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata had a hand in unveiling before he passed away later that year. Before that time, all-new new Rhythm Heaven games were released about every two to four years. This is a new level of drought for the franchise.

That’s why it’s both good and bad news to see Tsunku, the original composer and co-creator of Rhythm Heaven, take to Twitter to say he wants to see the series come to Switch. Specifically, he’s hoping it could be a game that you could play both alone and with friends.

That was the central hook ofRhythm Heaven Fever on Wii as well, so it would make sense for it to return on Nintendo’s newest home console. He closes the tweet by asking fans to let their voices be heard, implying that nothing is in the works now, but if fans make enough noise, maybe it will happen.

So make some noise, folks!

@tsunkuboy [Twitter] [Translated by Push Dust In]