Richter and Dark Samus amiibo dated for January 17, 2020


There’s still so many figures to go!

Roll call for amiibo!

Although these wretched toys are slowing down considerably in terms of buzz and sales, there’s still a lot of amiibo coming on the horizon. Long term we still need pretty much every DLC character, and there’s some holes to fill in the Smash roster, thanks to Smash Ultimate.

In the short term, there’s still a bunch of figures on the horizon. On November 15 of this year, Simon Belmont, Chrom and Incineroar will launch. Whenever Shovel Knight: King of Cardshits (this has been a big question mark for a few years now) it will come with a three-pack of King Knight, Plague Knight and Specter Knight to correspond with the appropriate DLC packs, as well as a Gold Shovel Knight figure for good measure.

Now we know what’s coming after thatthanks to a new tweet from Nintendo: Dark Samus and Richter Belmont, in what I’ve dubbed as “Smash Ultimate Wave 7,” will launch on January 17, 2020. Consider this a warning shot. These amiibo will likely be up for pre-order very soon, and no one knows if they’re going to be rare.

As always, here is a full and comprehensive list of every amiibo figure ever made.

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