Riot Games reveals Valorant, its 5v5 shooter project


One more codename down

Back in October Riot Games announced like…a billion secret projects, but the veil is slowly lifting off of most of those.

You probably don’t remember this, but Project A was announced as a “stylish, competitive, character-based tactical shooter for PC.” As of this week, we now know that Project A is actually Valorant. Riot states that the game is still a 5v5 shooter, with “128-tick servers,” “at least 30 FPS” on older rigs with a goal of 60-144 FPS on modern rigs, with a global spread of datacenters and anti-cheat “from day one.”

Other than that, unique character-based gameplay is promised, and there’s a new trailer of (very early) alpha footage that you can check out below. More info is coming later, but it seems very early yet for this project.

While Overwatchis the obvious comparison, the aesthetics and mechanics of the stage are extremely reminiscent of Counterstrike: and with Riot being so well-versed in the realm of esports, it makes a whole lot of sense to mash those two scenes together.

Valorant [Riot Games]