Riot says League of Legends' new Champion is going to have 'one of the highest skill ceilings in the game'


‘Challenge accepted’

2019 saw the release of four Champions for League of Legendsthus far, a step up from 2018’s three, and that’s just dealing with League of Legends. Outside of their main cash cow, Riot is working hard on constantly updating the Auto-Battler Teamfight Tactics, not to mention the like…billions of other projects they have planned.

But back to League! There’s yet another Champion in the works, and this one is named Aphelios: The Weapon of the Faithful. The gist is that they carry a veritable utility belt full of off-hand weapons, which are continuously cycled as you deplete ammo. The catch, beyond the ammo situation, is that you can’t choose which ones are equipped, and the weapons follow an assembly line rotation of sorts. Every piece of gear has its own Q ability, and he automatically applies level-ups to keep you constantly in the action.

Riot has a rundown of the rifle, scythe pistol, cannon, flamethrower and chakram weapons here, as well as the unique HUD that’s designed for Aphelios. Incredibly, weapons have their own passives in addition to the aforementioned Q abilities you constantly need to track and be aware of.

I can see a ton ofLeagueplayer’s eyes (mind included) just light up right now. “High skill ceiling you say? Challenge accepted.” I’m not a betting man, but I want to see the spread between casual play and Diamond plus ranked winrates with this dude.