Risk of Rain 2 plans to wrap up Early Access in spring 2020


The roadmap spans five major game updates

A month into Steam Early Access, Risk of Rain 2 has already gotten off to a tremendous start. But what comes next? And when? The co-op roguelike game has a roadmap to field those questions and more.

If all goes according to plan, Hopoo Games will exit Steam Early Access in spring 2020 with Risk of Rain 2‘s full launch. That’s when we’ll get the final boss and level, but, first things first. The developers are planning to release updates in June, summer, fall, and winter leading up to next year’s milestone.

Here’s the Early Access roadmap as of April 24, 2019:

Risk of Rain 2 Steam Early Access roadmap

The general idea is to introduce more playable characters, stages, bosses, and items as we’d all expect, but it’s also worth highlighting the revamp of skills (coming this summer) and artifacts (in winter).

Hopoo shared more in-depth productions notes in a post on Steam. Some of the major points brought up include offering official localization in the next patch and addressing save file corruption, stuttering during item pick-ups, players’ options resetting, and the currently “unrewarding” Gilded Coast. So aside from adding new content, there’s a running list of technical concerns to work through.

Despite knowing full well that Risk of Rain 2 will resonate with me as much as the original game, if not even more, I’ve been hesitant to get into it yet for a couple of reasons. Mainly, my free time has gone elsewhere, and I don’t want to start playing until I can fully commit. But the bigger hurdle is that I try not to rush into Early Access games I’m liable to really, truly enjoy. “Try.” 2020 seems so far away!

It sounds like Hopoo will have its hands full until then, so if you’re waiting for the eventual console versions of Risk of Rain 2, hang in there. As noted on Twitter last month, “We plan for consoles for 1.0, but it’s definitely a big technical challenge. I don’t think we’re planning on Early Access on any consoles.”