Risk of Rain 2 will keep growing with expansions and free patches


But first, one more major content update is on the docket

With Risk of Rain 2 now out of Early Access and the console release of update 1.0 on the horizon, Hopoo Games has shared a state-of-the-game blog post detailing what went right, what could’ve been better, and what the future holds for this surprisingly great 3D sequel to a beloved 2D roguelike game.

The team says that while its roadmap kept Risk of Rain 2 on track, compromises had to be made and some “cool but challenging” ideas had to be cut for time. That’s to say nothing of longstanding bugs, incomplete lore entries, and “a passionate modding community that has no official mod support.”

Now that Early Access is in the rear-view, Hopoo hopes to transition into a more “sustainable, creative development” strategy – starting with a final “thank you” content update on all platforms.

Following that update – and keep in mind, there isn’t a timeline for this stuff yet – the developers want to expand the team and begin creating expansions for Risk of Rain 2 at a pace of one or two per year.

“These Expansions will most likely be themed – for example, we could have a ‘Void Expansion’ or an ‘Imp Expansion’ – with new content built around that theme,” according to Hopoo. The idea is to deliver fresh content that’s exciting and compelling enough to get players hooked all over again. Having more time to dream up fun ideas and let them coalesce makes sense, and I won’t mind paying for DLC.

“Quality of life, bug fixes, and balance changes will still be free as patches to the base game.”

Dev Thoughts #18 – The Future of Risk of Rain 2 [Steam]