At last! Rita Repulsa is coming to dominate Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid


It’s time to conquer Earth!

Ahhh! After 10,000 years she’s free! It has been one hell of a wait but, over two years after the title’s launch, nWay Inc. has announced that Rita Repulsa is to join the roster of its fighting title Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. All my griping finally paid off!

The megalomaniacal witch, iconic villain of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series, was revealed as one of three characters joining the tag-fighter, now in its fourth season. A new trailer only offers a brief glimpse of the grand dame’s render, suggesting that nWay is not quite ready to show her in action just yet. We’ll discuss Rita more when her first trailer drops but, for now, I’m super excited for Rita’s arrival, which is just one more paving stone in BftG’s slow-but-sure build into a solid and very enjoyable fighting game.

You can catch a fleeting glimpse of Rita Repulsa in the new trailer below, courtesy of IGN.

Before Miss Repulsa blesses us with her presence, two more classic characters will be joining the fray. The first is Adam Park, who debuted in the series as Black Ranger II for MMPR, before later becoming Green Ranger for Power Rangers Zeo. Portrayed by actor Johnny Yong Bosch, Adam Park is one of the series’ most veteran characters, having appeared in almost 150 episodes across various Power Rangers brands.

The second character coming in Season 4 is the delightful and devious Poisandra, who fans will recognize as a villain from the Power Rangers Dino Charge series. A marvel of design, this colorful and kawaii babe is nonetheless a particularly sneaky and dangerous opponent, luring in prey with her cutesy demeanor before cutting them down with her adorable scythe and array of magical makeups. What an awesome character!

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is never going to trouble the Tekkens and Street Fighters of this world, but nWay deserves all the plaudits for building a fun and entertaining mid-to-upper tier fighting title. Having added cross-play, a fully-voiced story mode, improved mechanics, fun crossovers, and a great, expansive roster of classic characters, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has come into its own, becoming a retrospective of the legendary franchise of which fans can be very proud.