River City Girls 2 drops new trailer, 'choon, and Summer 2022 date


School’s out for Summer

During yesterday’s exciting Nintendo Indie World Showcase, publisher WayForward offered up some new tidbits on its skull-cracking brawler River City Girls 2. Not only did we get a funky new trailer, showing our pint-sized pugilists in action, but we also got to hear some rad new tunes, and even received a tentative release window of summer 2022.

While plot details remain very thin on the ground, eagle-eyed River City Girls fans will spot final boss Sabuko, looking a little worse for wear and accepting a limo ride from a mysterious stranger. As a dedicated crime-lord, I doubt that Sabuko will take her ass-kicking lying down, and we can perhaps expect to see her make a comeback and on a quest for revenge. Sabuko’s a great character, one of the original game’s many fantastic bosses, so I hope she does return for the sequel, if only to find herself on the receiving end of some brand new combo chaos.

The trailer also shows off RCG 2‘s roster of six playable characters. Of course our gals Kyoko and Misako are present and correct, alongside series veterans Kunio and Riki, and newcomers in the form of former Double Dragon damsel (and now incredible abs owner) Marian, and the streetwise ass-kicker Provie, who fans will recognize from the stylish 2017 release River City Ransom: Underground. River City Girls 2 will see these six protagonists embark upon more face-smacking adventures across the hazardous ‘berg, utilizing new weapons, techniques, and moves while laying down the law on a flurry of new and returning enemies. Online co-op is confirmed, so you won’t have to go it alone.

It’s all looking very exciting, you certainly don’t have to sell me twice. Oh, and don’t forget to turn the volume up so you can check out an awesome new turn from composer Megan McDuffee.

River City Girls 2 will launch summer 2022 on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms. Additionally, retro remaster River City Girls Zero will also launch on Nintendo Switch in early 2022, with other platforms to follow suit.