Exclusive: Get up to speed on River City Girls Zero with Kyoko and Misako


Limited Run pre-orders open January 28

[Update: Pre-orders on River City Girls Zero physical editions go live today at Limited Run Games.]

Our two favorite schoolyard roustabouts, Kyoko & Misako, are taking time out from curb-stomping creeps to bring you the good word on River City Girls Zero, the incoming remaster of the duo’s 1994 debut. The old-school slugfest is headed to PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Switch in the near future.

As the dynamic duo explains in this new trailer, River City Girls Zero is a revamped edition of Super Famicom release Shin Nekketsu Koha: Kunio-tachi no Banka, which is the first title in the legendary Kunio-kun franchise to feature Kyoko and Misako in action. The new edition of RCG Zero will not only see the Japan-only title officially localized for the very first time, but it will receive a fresh coat of paint via all-new manga-style cutscenes, an anime cinematic, and a slick new theme song, composed by the ever-evocative Megan McDuffee.

For fans of the original River City Girls, RCG Zero will help flesh out a little of the two tearaways’ backstory, including their relationships with chunky hunks Kunio and Riki, as well as their first encounters with the various good and bad dudes that loiter the streets of the troubled ‘berg. This release will provide a perfect pit-stop for fans as they await the arrival of the all-new sequel, River City Girls 2, which will be winging our way later in 2022.

river city girls zero ultimate edition

For physical media heads, Limited Run Games has revealed that it will be dropping hard copies of River City Girls Zero on PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders for these editions will open on January 28, exclusively on the Limited Run Games website. The retro remaster will be made available in three formats, including a standard boxed edition, and two goodie-filled collector’s editions.Additional merch is also in the works, including apparel such as shirts and sweet baseball caps.

As for River City Girls Zero’s official launch date? Well, that remains under wraps for now. The game was originally scheduled to drop in late 2021, but an unfortunate delay has since pushed the release back. WayForward has previously offered a new window of early 2022, so it shouldn’t be too long at all before we can all engage in a much-need bout of cathartic pixel pugilism.

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