Rocket League brings us together and tears us apart



You may have already heard, but we’re a bunch of fighters around here. That’s why we launched a new video channel called Dtoid Fight!It’s for proving our dominance over other humans and also highly-relatable banter (or so we like to tell ourselves).

So far, it’s all PUBGall the time, but that changes today. We’re doing another series and Steven made me name it Red Rocket League. See, there’s an allusion to communism and also dog dicks. I’m on-board with exactly none of this.

Here’s what we’re doing: Three games of Rocket Leagueper episode. That way we wind up either positive or negative. We’re playing 2s for now, but maybe we’ll eventually move to 3s. Who knows! For every game we win, I’ll open up a crate. For every game we don’t win, I’ll whine off-camera about how we need to rotate better.

I guess our goal is to eventually look like a real team. Passing to each other, trusting the other person will do what they’re supposed to, not ball chasing. It’s tougher than it sounds. We might just rip out each other’s throats before we ever spam the “What a play!” button.

Also, if you wanna help us get this Dtoid Fight! thing off the ground, go throw us a subscribe on YouTube or a follow on Twitter. We’d super love you forever.