Rocket League has a summer's worth of limited-time events planned


Radical Summer

Psyonix is keeping players busy all summer. Now that Psyonix is owned by Epic Games, Rocket Leagueis leaning into one of the things Fortnitedoes best: Limited-time modes. A trio of LTMs span the summer months with enough 80s flair to make a-ha blush.

Starting on June 10, Rocket Leagueshines a spotlight on 80s movies with a Ghostbusters-themed event. The Ghost Hunt mode has players firing proton beams to carry the ball to the opponent’s containment zone. There’s also some premium DLC. The $2 pack adds the GhostbustersEcto-1 car, a Stay Puft Marshmellow Man goal explosion, along with some other cosmetics.

On July 1, things switch to “80s culture,” which isn’t really elaborated upon. However, the LTE outfits every car with a permanent set of spikes from the Rumble mode. The idea is to skewer the ball and carry it into the other goal. However, defenders are going to aggressively try knocking the ball off the spikes or blowing the ball carrier up. Either works.

Finally, on July 22, the focus shifts to 80s television. This is highlighted by a premium DLC pack that includes the Knight Ridercar. The new mode is sort of modeled after beach volleyball. This two-on-two game type has players playing regular Rocket Leaguewith beach balls. But, low gravity and curved physics will keep it feeling like a normal game.

As always with these special events, Psyonix has free in-game cosmetics to keep everyone playing. Every three weeks, the store rotates to match the new theme. The first set of items includes the likes of: aKarate Kiddecal, a Gooniestopper, a pair ofBack to the Futuretoppers, ETwheels, and Ghostbusterswheels. Also, each summer stage comes with five golden eggs to earn — and each of those golden eggs contains an item from a crate. It’s going to be a scorching hot summer on the Rocket Leaguepitch.

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