Rocket League is giving names to the nameless


New patch coming soon

Psyonix is prepping patch 1.05 for Rocket League. While the full notes aren’t ready just yet, the developer has talked about some of the changes coming in “two weeks or less.”

Notably, there will be a Find New Match option included at the end of ranked matches, allowing you to quickly and easily keep your marathon play session going. Broken usernames (e.g., *********) will display correctly, and PC players can filter out PS4 players in matchmaking.

What else? Season 1 kicks off with patch 1.05. A music player is in the works. PS4 text chat won’t break after you suspend the game and resume playing. The Utopia map is being refined.

Good stuff all around. Got any new gifs? Share ’em!

Patch 1.05 roundup [Rocket-League]